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Lime’s Gen 3 Electric Scooter Makes Headlines With Debut Ride In New York City

Cities | January 28, 2019 | Share 

New York City, meet the Gen 3 electric scooter.

Last weekend, visitors to the Lime Lounge pop-up event in Midtown Manhattan were treated to test rides on the company’s newest e-scooter designed for shared urban use.

The 2-day expo gave New Yorkers the opportunity to get hands-on with Lime vehicles and safety equipment, engage with staff members, apply for local employment opportunities and learn about the growing international push for alternative urban transportation.

“It’s great to see so many New Yorkers passionate about micro-mobility,” said Phil Jones, Lime’s East Coast Sr. Director of Government Relations. “New York has a proud history of transportation innovation, and we’re excited to work alongside the city to introduce electric scooters here in a manner that’s safe, equitable and sustainable.”



Locally-hired Lime mechanics and operations specialists were on hand both Friday and Saturday to answer questions and provide safe riding demonstrations to hundreds of New Yorkers.


Attendees received complimentary winter hats, helmets and t-shirts branded with Lime’s “Respect The Ride” safety campaign, along with front-row seats to a live art show put on by famed New York graffiti artist John “Crash” Matos.


"It's important that people understand that Lime is a local team, committed to solving local transportation problems," said NYC General Manager Gil Kazimirov. "Events like this allow New Yorkers to get to know us, and share their ideas on how micro-mobility and Lime electric scooters can benefit their daily lives."





While electric scooters remain illegal on the streets of New York -- a city where drivers spend an average of 91 hrs/yr stuck in traffic -- Lime pedal and e-assist bikes are already operational in Rockaways, Queens and Staten Island.

According to last month’s Year-End Report, 40% of Lime riders surveyed in New York identified as female, and 70% identified as a non-white race or ethnicity. These numbers provide compelling evidence demonstrating that micro-mobility has the potential to bridge traditional race and gender gaps in cycling.



Making headlines at this year’s CES conference in Las Vegas, Lime’s Gen 3 electric scooter boasts 10” wheels, improved suspension, longer battery life and a host of other features designed to make it the sturdiest, most reliable e-scooter rental on the market. The first shipment of scooters is set to arrive in select markets in the coming weeks.

To learn more about Lime events in New York and over 100 other cities around the world, subscribe to the Lime blog, or download the app to take a ride today!



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