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Lime And Solar Oregon Team Up For National Solar Tour Weekend

Community | October 17, 2018

Last weekend, all across the country, thousands of people participated in the National Solar Tour - the 23rd annual solar power showcase where homeowners open their abodes to teach the world about the benefits of harnessing clean solar energy.

Lime was present as well, partnering with the non-profit Solar Oregon to sponsor a tour of fascinating homes in Portland’s Cully neighborhood.


For three hours, dozens of Portlanders interested in solar energy talked with homeowners who had installed panels on their rooftops. They learned about solar’s economic and investment benefits, how it eliminates personal carbon emissions and helps a home get to net zero (producing all of the energy it uses).


Participants also discovered a whole host of other sustainable practices, from filtering and drinking rainwater to using solar thermal systems to heat water and, in some cases, even entire homes.

To help attendees get from one solar home to another, Lime was happy to provide free scooters and helmets for the event. This was not only a fun and engaging way to see the different houses, but it fit perfectly with the tour's ethos of sustainability.


Lime scooters are themselves an efficient and sustainable mode of transportation. To take their commitment towards a healthy planet one step further, the company announced last week that it would offset all emissions related to charging and managing it's electric fleet.


Solar Oregon would like to extend a big thanks to Lime for partnering with us on a great solar homes tour, and we look forward to working together again to bring about a clean energy future.

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