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Denver Scooter Sharing Just Became A Long Awaited Reality

Cities | May 25, 2018


Just over one week after Lime's arrival in the Mile High City, the numbers coming out of our Denver scooter sharing program are truly inspiring. 

By Friday, June 1st, Lime riders choosing to hop on one of our Lime-S electric scooters instead of taking a car had logged over 22,000 miles and saved almost 20,000 lbs of CO2 over the course of 16,000 trips.

Local Denver residents have also earned over $10,000.00 through our Juicer program: charging our scooters overnight to help supplement their income.

"Not only are these scooters fun, but they’re perfect when I’m in a hurry and want to get somewhere without waiting for a Lyft or Uber," said Denver Lime rider Eric Hinman. "I truly experience the city riding a scooter, instead of being cooped up in a car; plus I don’t have to sit in traffic anymore!"



Welcome to #LIMENATION, Denver.

Beginning today, our new Denver scooter sharing program is hitting the streets of the Mile High City, marking the first time a shared scooter program has rolled out in Colorado.

The launch comes after weeks of careful planning with community leaders and City Counselors, helping move Denver closer to reaching its ambitious goal of 30% non-automobile traffic by 2030.

“Way to Go is excited to have innovative mobility solutions come to the region,” said Steve Erickson, Director of Comms and Marketing for the Denver Regional Council of Governments. He added that companies like Lime are “giving people more options to get around town, connect to transit more easily and ultimately reduce traffic congestion.”


And for city residents who spend nearly 40 hours stuck in traffic annually, the time and cost savings can really add up.

Lime-S electric scooters cost just $1 to unlock, and $0.15/minute to ride. That means it’s possible to cover the 2-mile trip from LoDo to Capitol Hill in about 12 minutes for less than $3.

“This is going to be helpful for areas of our city that still lack access to bike share programs,” said Denver Councilman Paul Lopez of District 3. “And fun.”

For our part, Lime has hired a 100% local crew to service and maintain our Denver scooter sharing program, along with the support of our local Lime Juicers. The goal is to give the Mile High City an equitable, affordable mobility solution run by the people who know it the best.

“We believe we can alleviate traffic congestion, help Denver reach its Vision Zero goals, improve urban mobility and transform the way people get around the city,” said Sam Sadle, Lime’s Director of Strategic Development.

To learn more about our shared electric scooters, including safety information and riding etiquette, visit our Lime-S page here. Looking forward to all the great electric miles and memories to come, Denver!

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