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In Calgary

Micro Mobility FAQs

Respect The Ride in Calgary

Yes, riders must always wear a helmet while operating a Lime-E electric-assist bike in Calgary. Helmets are required by law for all electric assisted bikes in Alberta.

Riding a bicycle on the sidewalk is illegal in Calgary. Please refer to the City of Calgary’s website for a map of pathways and bikeways.

Similarly, bicycles must not be ridden or parked on the 7th Avenue Transit Corridor and sidewalks immediately adjacent to station platforms per Transit Bylaw 4M81 14 (14)(a).

Lime-E bikes are not permitted on Calgary Transit Bus Bicycle Racks. Lime-E bikes are not allowed on the CTrain during rush hour (6:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.) on weekdays. There are no restrictions for the weekends or state holidays. Two bikes are allowed at either end of a CTrain car.

Parking is authorized only on City property. Whenever possible, please park bicycles in the area of the sidewalk closest to the curb where street lights, waste receptacles, trees and ParkPlus pay machines are located in order to keep pedestrian traffic unobstructed. All parked bicycles must remain in an upright position with both wheels in contact with the ground. Bicycles must be parked in a way that leaves at least 2.0 metres of unobstructed space for pedestrian movements.

Bicycles can be parked within city parks within 1m along either side of a pathway. Bikes can be parked along the Eau Claire and Riverwalk promenades, the shared use space along the south side of the Bow River from the Elbow River Traverse to 10 St. SW, provided that they do not impede pedestrian access to furniture (benches, garbage cans, information signs, etc.).

Bicycles must not be parked on a pathway or within 1.0 metre of either side of a pathway.

Parking is not currently authorized on university campuses, Stampede grounds, East Village (CMLC), the airport, malls or on any other private property.

Bicycles must not be parked in locations within or on:

  • C‐Train stations, bus terminals, MAX stations, and bus zones, except in designated parking areas
  • Loading zones
  • Accessible parking zones
  • Wheelchair ramps, bicycle ramps or curb ramps
  • Bridges
  • Center median islands
  • Within 1.5 metres of an access to a garage or driveway
  • Street furniture that requires pedestrian access (benches, pay parking station, bus shelters)
  • Within shrub beds or within 0.5 metres of trees

Parking for all Lime products is only allowed in designated parking corrals during the Calgary Stampede, which ends on July 14th, 2019.

Lime products can be parked at 1 of 4 parking corrals located at or near each entrance to the Stampede, as well as close to the C-Train stations.

  • Two parking corrals are conveniently located on the east and west sides of Olympic Way near the main entrance on 14th Street.
  • A Corral is located east of the Victoria Park C-Train station near the entrance to the BMO Centre.
  • The last corral is located to the west of the Earlton Entrance just off of 25th Ave. SE.

Please look for our Lime Ambassadors for further assistance.

Smart Urban Mobility in Calgary

Your trip across Calgary just got easier with Lime-E. Our electric-assist bikes get you where you're going quickly without breaking a sweat -- even uphill!

How To Lime

  • 1Download the Lime app
  • 2View nearby e-bikes
  • 3Scan the QR code or enter number to unlock
  • 4Lock up safely when finished


Lime-E Electric-Assist Bike

  • 80+ km maximum range
  • 23.8 km/h maximum speed
  • 250-watt motor
  • $1/unlock + $0.30/min to ride
  • In-app battery monitoring
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