Lime in Bloomington

Lime, the world’s largest provider of shared electric vehicles, operates e-scooters and is the exclusive provider of e-bikes in the City of Bloomington

Lime has a fleet of 200 e-scooters, and more than 50 of its new Gen4 industry leading e-bikes, which come equipped with a swappable, interchangeable battery that optimizes the efficiency and sustainability of its operations. Lime partners with the City of Bloomington and Indiana University to provide safe, affordable micromobility to residents, students, and visitors.

Please read the City of Bloomington scooter-sharing ordinance here.

Some Rider FAQs and Tips

  • Riders can sign up by downloading the Lime app from iOS or the Android store. Once in the app, you enter your information and you will have the ability to begin riding in Bloomington (and hundreds of other locations worldwide). Reminder, that Lime is for riders 18 years of age and older.

  • We encourage everyone to wear a helmet while riding a Lime e-scooter or e-bike though they are not required by law to wear in Indiana.

  • Scooters and e-bikes may be used on multi-use trails, mult-iuse paths, and on uncrowded sidewalks outside the city center. Riders using scooters and e-bikes on trails, paths, and sidewalks must observe the rules governing bicycles on these same routes.

  • Park the scooter or e-bike in a bike rack or in another lawful spot on public property that does not block the right-of-way, limit access for individuals with disabilities, risk damaging private or public property, or jeopardize public safety.

    • Do not ride scooters or e-bikes on sidewalks or in crosswalks marked “Dismount Zone” in the center of Bloomington.

    • Please refer to the City of Bloomington’s Scooter Guidelines for the complete list of “Dismount Zones.”

    • Do not park scooters or e-bikes in the middle of sidewalks, curb cuts, pedestrian or building entrances, or in any way that could limit access for individuals with disabilities.

Vehicles In Bloomington

Lime Access in Bloomington

Lime Access is our global equity program that provides 50% discounted rides to eligible residents. It is part of our core mission to provide sustainable transportation options to all.

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