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Lime Travel Network

Provide Lime Scooters and Bikes as an Amenity for Your Guests

Lime electric scooters and bikes offer a fun, healthy and affordable way for your hotel guests to get around town. Check out the benefits of our Lime Travel Network below, then submit your information to learn more!

Free Bikes and Support

We supply, maintain and rebalance our dock-free bikes and scooters on and off your property at no additional cost to your operations.


Subsidize your guests' ride cost and enable an everyday change that enhances your property's offerings and your guests' experience


Guests can find and use Lime products on and off property to get wherever they need to go around town during their stay.

Guest Rates

Hotel riders will receive their first Lime ride for free.

Join the Lime Travel Network

If you are a hotel and would like to have Lime bikes or scooters onsite please click the button to complete the application.

Bring Lime to Your Hotel