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Lime Real Estate Partners Program


Deliver fun, affordable urban transportation to your tenants, right at your front door.

Join The Program

Increased Property Value

Experience a 10-15% increase in your property value through improved on-site mobility options.

Happy Tenants

Tenants will be able to get around faster by having an immediate last-mile solution outside their doorstep.

Green Property

With our carbon neutral e-bikes and e-scooters, your property will be the greenest in town.

Operative Support

Lime will maintain all bikes and/or scooters deployed at your property.

Join the Lime Real Estate Partners Program

Creating a LimeHub parking space at your property establishes it as a center for mobility, increasing the value of your property.

Empower your tenants to get around faster, greener and cheaper.

To bring Lime bikes or scooters to your property, please complete the application below.