We created this guide to make safety simple and second-nature, so you can focus on enjoying the ride. Follow these tips to make sure you keep yourself and the world around you safe.

Whether it’s your first time riding or you’ve been around the block with us a couple times, we’d like to thank you for joining in our mission to make transportation accessible, affordable and sustainable for all.

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First things first:

Let’s cover the legal stuff.

We love a good law—it helps our riders and their neighbors have peace of mind, and keeps our cities safer. Wherever you Lime, keep these things in mind as you ride:

  • Obey all traffic laws, street signs and signals.

  • Keep a safe distance from other vehicles and pedestrians.

  • Ride with the direction of traffic.

  • Be aware of the conditions around you, like potholes or unexpected barriers.

  • Every city has its own way to Lime. So wherever you are in the world on Lime, be sure to follow the local guidelines. (Don’t worry, we’ll have them handy for you in the Safety Center in your Lime app.)

And Lime responsibly:

  • If you’re 18 or older, you’re good to ride!

  • Book your own ride. Two riders on one vehicle is unsafe for everyone.

  • Never drink and ride. Riding drunk is the same as driving drunk.

Feel like you could practice transportation law? Great, let’s move on to some of the fun stuff.

Meet your ride.

Our entire fleet was designed to be intuitive for our riders, but you can always refer to our How to Ride videos if you want a lesson or a refresher.

The Gen4 e-Scooter

The safest, smoothest, most sustainable Lime scooter yet. Watch how to ride >

  1. LED screen with battery level, speedometer, and zone indicators
  2. Dual bicycle-style handbrake for comfortable, intuitive and secure braking control
  3. Mountain-bike inspired suspension with a lower center of gravity for a smooth ride
  4. Larger wheels and pneumatic tires to tackle the toughest road conditions
  5. Front and rear lights visible from 200m with reflectors for night rides
  6. Mechanical bell if you need to give pedestrians or cyclists a friendly warning

The Gen4 e-Bike

What we said about the scooter, except you can sit while you ride. Watch how to ride >

  1. Automatic two-speed transmission for easier acceleration and a smoother ride
  2. Increased motor power to help easily climb up hills
  3. Phone holder to navigate and follow directions

Protect your head.

If there was a stronger way to say “we strongly recommend wearing a helmet,” we’d say it. What about: Your head is the most irreplaceable part of you, and you should protect it at all costs?

Now. Is a helmet the cutest headwear on the shelf? Not all the time. And especially not when beanies exist. But the tradeoff is you get to keep your head safe every single ride, so you can keep riding!

Also, we know the other concern. Helmet hair is actually not that big of a deal. We promise that no one will really notice it except you. But if you are thinking about it, we’ve included some of our favorite helmet-friendly hairstyles from our Helmet Hair Salon. Happy braiding!

Respect the sidewalk.

Some cities straight up don’t allow sidewalk riding. In those cities, we urge you to keep your ride in the bike lane the entire time.

If you’re riding in a city that does allow sidewalk riding, we still recommend staying in the bike lane to have your own space. But if you see an opening, it’s cool to hop over. Just make sure to ride slowly and give the previously mentioned people and pets the right of way since you’re on their turf.

Stay in the zone.

Low Speed Zones: Here, your vehicle will automatically slow down. As soon as you leave the zone, you’ll be able to pick your speed back up again. This is usually in parks or streets in the city center to help keep speeds low in crowded areas.

No Operation Zones: These are places like private properties, parks, or places beyond our service area. When you enter this zone, your vehicle will automatically slow, then turn off completely. When this happens, simply walk it out of the zone to get riding again.

No Parking Zone: These zones are often required by your city to prevent parking where there is no infrastructure or space for Lime vehicles. These areas can include public squares or bridges, for example. You are not allowed to end your ride in these zones, so check your app for the perimeter and keep riding until you’ve cleared it to end your ride.

You don’t really have to worry about zones until you’re in the wrong one. But don’t worry, your vehicle is designed to let you know through icons on your vehicle’s LED screen.

Park like a good neighbor.

It’s important to keep our fleet neatly parked out of the way, so it doesn’t disrupt the safety of the road or sidewalk.

How to Park

The perfect park looks a little different depending on what part of the world you’re in. For instance, in Camden, all of our riders have to park in designated, mandatory parking areas, but in Sydney, riders can park anywhere, as long as it’s out of the way of pedestrians or other vehicles. In order to keep things simple for you, we have city-specific instructions in the app.

How to Park Like a Pro

  1. Does your city require you to park in designated parking areas? If your city requires you to park in a designated area, , find a parking pin in-app. If not, find a great spot to park. Parknear the curb or by a building—not in the middle of a sidewalk—and not too close to private property. Check your app for guidelines.

  2. Avoid blocking driveways, bus stops, pedestrian and service ramps, and crosswalks.

  3. Use the kickstand to park your Lime upright, and then simply lock it in the app.

Nailing the End of Trip Photo

It’s simple, get one good shot of the full picture: your vehicle parked upright in the perfect spot. Need inspiration? Check these parking pros out.

The Bottom Line:

Lime Responsibly.

Too much to remember? We’ve got you. Your in-app Safety Center will remind you of the rules in whatever city you’re in. But no matter where you ride, it’s always smart to take standard safety precautions like using arm signals, avoiding sudden stops and making yourself visible to drivers and other road users. After all, riding safely with Lime is like riding a bike (or e-scooter).

It’s official: You now know (basically) everything you need to Lime. Now get out there and ride your heart out!