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Lime matching donations through New Year’s Eve to celebrate Season of Giving

Our partners at The Felix Project, fighting hunger in London

Community-based organizations and NGOs work tirelessly throughout the year to make cities better places to live, work and play. From providing educational programming to at-risk youth, to running job training programs to prevent recidivism, to advocating for cleaner air, safer streets and more equitable services, our Lime Hero partners in more than 80 cities are deeply committed to improving their communities.

That’s why this holiday season, Lime wants to give back. To celebrate this Season of Giving, we will match all Lime Hero donations from our riders through New Year’s Eve.

Lime Hero is a first-of-its-kind program for the micromobility industry that allows riders to round up the cost of their trips to support a local community organization or NGO. Lime riders have helped to raise more than $200,000 globally for local organizations doing important work to change residents’ lives for the better.

Our mission is to build a future where transportation is shared, electric and carbon-free. And just as sharing is core to our service, we are excited to share in furthering the work of these impactful organizations.

Riders around the world can sign up for Lime Hero through the Lime app and start giving back this holiday season and beyond. With Lime Hero partners in more than 80 cities globally, it’s not hard to give back to folks serving your community.

Here are some examples acknowledging and celebrating the work these organizations are doing to improve conditions on the ground--helping to make their cities more vibrant, clean, healthy and equitable.

  • In over 20 cities across the globe, we partner with WWF–a global leader in conservation and climate advocacy. Our combined efforts are helping to combat climate change and make our planet and cities more sustainable every time you ride.
  • The San Diego County Bicycle Coalition and the LA County Bicycle Coalition advocate for and protect the rights of cyclists, and promote bicycling as a mainstream, safe, and enjoyable form of transportation and recreation. These coalitions have served as a voice for cyclists in the region and advocated for safer streets, including hundreds of miles of bike paths, lanes and trails all across southern California.
  • Parisian riders can donate to further the important work of Respire, an advocacy organization fiercely dedicated to improving air quality and limiting the effects of pollution in the city of light, and across France. Respire played a major role in linking the impacts of pollution and poor air quality to COVID-19 infections in France.
  • In Melbourne, we’re excited to work with Orange Sky, an NGO providing free laundry servicesand showers to the unhoused. Orange Sky provides thousands of free loads of laundry and hundreds of hot showers each week, and further supplements them with positive conversation and community building to help people navigate difficult circumstances.
  • In Washington DC, Building Bridges Across the River (BBAR) provides residents East of the Anacostia River access to the best-in-class facilities, programs and partnerships in arts and culture, economic opportunity, education, recreation, health and well-being. They have been a fantastic partner in helping bring greater awareness to Lime Access, helping to encourage use of sustainable transportation at an affordable price for a growing number of residents across the Anacostia River.
  • Meanwhile, in San Francisco, we’ve worked closely with Our Trans Home, a coalition working to address homelessness and housing instability impacting Transgender people in the San Francisco Bay Area. The trans and gender-nonconforming community faces homelessness rates about 18 times above other groups, making supportive housing service all the more crucial.
  • And in Miami, riders signed up with Lime Hero can donate to continue building a new linear park called The Underline, directly under the city’s Metrorail system. The planned 10-mile park recently opened phase I and includes protected bike and scooter paths, sports facilities, playgrounds for kids, and plenty of open green space.

Through Lime Hero, we’re thrilled to support these and many other organizations transforming their cities for the better. We hope you will consider becoming a Lime Hero to support them as well this holiday and we’ll be glad to match your donations. It’s all part of realizing a better future for the cities we serve.

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