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3 Important Stats That Will Help Keep You Safe On An E‑Scooter This Summer

Summer scooting is almost upon us, but before you take a ride on the sun-soaked streets of your city there are a few important statistics you need to know.

For context, the data cited below was released by Austin Public Health as part of an in-depth electric scooter study conducted in association with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The full report can be accessed here, however we’ve highlighted three of the most striking figures in order to help keep you safe on your e-scooter this summer.

33% of injured scooter riders sustained their injury on the very first ride.

It’s critically important to take the time to get comfortable on an electric scooter, especially if you’ve never ridden one before. That's why all Lime riders are required to watch a series instructional onboarding animations before they can unlock their first vehicle.

Remember to identify important features like the throttle and the brakes before starting your ride, and always keep both hands on the handlebars and both feet on the foot board while in motion. Smooth, flat, unobstructed surfaces make for an ideal initial test ride.

When in doubt, consult Lime’s Help Center for more information and the answers to frequently asked questions. Our local teams regularly hold safety events and riding demos throughout the year, so be sure to enable push notifications to stay up to date on activities happening near you.

48% of injured scooter riders sustained an injury to the head.

According to a meta-analysis of studies performed between 1989-2017, bicycle helmets have been shown to:

  • Reduce head injury by 48%
  • Reduce serious head injury by 60%
  • Reduce traumatic brain injury by 53%

As noted in our spring safe riding article, helmet design has come a long way in the past decade. Companies like Closca and Park and Diamond now (or will very soon) offer stylish, collapsible head protection that’s easy to carry and store when you’re not riding.

Be smart. Wear a helmet.

29% of injured scooter riders reported consuming alcohol in the 12 hours before riding.

Alcohol and motorized vehicles don’t mix. Ever. If you’ve been drinking, save yourself and others the risk of a potentially serious injury and opt for a rideshare instead.

In April, Lime’s CEO Brad Bao made headlines by discussing his ideas on keeping intoxicated riders off of Lime electric scooters. We’re constantly working on developing technology that will help keep our riders and the community safe.

If you’d like more tips focused on safety and responsible riding, subscribe to Lime Second Street, or download the app to take a well-informed electric scooter ride in your city today.

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