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US - Rules to Ride Scooters

Last Updated: March 1, 2021

In addition to the rules and obligations set forth in the User Agreement, when you use our scooters, you are required to abide by the rules set forth in these Rules to Ride Scooters, which we may revise, in our sole discretion from time to time and without prior notice. By using a Lime scooter, you are deemed to have accepted and agree to abide by the rules set forth below. Failure to abide by these Rules to Ride Scooters or any part of the User Agreement may result in fines, penalties, or suspension or termination of your account. Any capitalized term not defined herein shall have the meaning set forth in the User Agreement.

  1. Requirements to use Lime scooters
  1. Rules on Helmets

We recommend that you wear a helmet any time you use any of our scooters, preferably Snell, CPSC, ANSI or ASTM-approved. It should be sized, fitted and fastened per manufacturer instructions. Helmets and other protective gear are not guaranteed to prevent personal injury. Helmets are required by law in some areas, so definitely wear one if those laws apply to you. If you choose not to wear a helmet and are injured as a result, we are not responsible.

  1. Safety Checks

You shall perform a safety inspection on the Product before each use, including all of following:

Something could have happened to the Product since its condition was last checked, and we rely on you to inspect the Product before each use, and report any suspected issues. If you notice any issues identified above, or any others, during your safety inspection DO NOT use the Product. Please immediately report these to us by submitting a request via our Help Center and reserve another Product instead. If you notice something during use, stop your trip as safely as you can and as soon as possible. If you don't report these issues, we may have to attribute them to you, including holding you responsible for any associated costs, so please tell us if anything you see doesn't look right.

  1. Prohibited Uses.

You are prohibited from using our Services or Products for any unlawful purpose or in any unsafe way, including in the ways we describe in Section 6 of the User Agreement (Be Safe When Using Our Products!). Please read that Section carefully.

  1. Weight Limit

The weight limit for scooters is 220 pounds. This maximum weight includes you and all items placed or carried by you.

  1. Replacement Cost

If you damage a scooter or if the scooter is considered lost or stolen under the terms of our User Agreement, you will be responsible for the associated costs. The replacement cost of a scooter is up to $1,500.