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TIME Magazine Selects Lime for its inaugural 100 Most Influential Companies list

We’re thrilled to share the news that TIME Magazine has included Lime on its inaugural 100 Most Influential Companies list, a recognition stemming from Lime’s mission to build a future for transportation that is shared, electric and carbon-free.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by TIME Magazine, not just as a leader in our field, but as one of the most influential companies in the world,” said Wayne Ting, Lime’s CEO. “We’re truly humbled by this recognition and it’s a testament to our dedicated team, our riders and our city partners across the world. It is also a clear acknowledgement of how our mission-driven approach to revolutionizing urban mobility has made a true impact in the lives of city residents across the world. We will continue to strive toward our goal of a future where transportation is shared, affordable and carbon-free.”

To assemble the list, TIME solicited nominations from its staff, looking at companies from every sector—ranging from health care and entertainment to transportation and technology. Then, TIME editors evaluated each one on key factors, including relevance, impact, innovation, leadership and success.

This recognition also further solidifies the foundation upon which we continue to build Lime: people, purpose and partnership. Our purpose has been simple from the beginning -- to build a future for transportation that is shared, electric and carbon-free. This wouldn't be possible without people -- you, the millions of riders who make Lime a part of your daily lives. The final piece of the puzzle is partnership, the constant learning from- and support for the cities and communities we serve.

We’ve worked hard to fine-tune our business over the past year, leading to our first full quarter of profitability. This financial freedom has allowed us to revinest in our business, like we did last month when we announced a $50 million investment into our newest-generation e-bike. The investment will allow us to launch and scale our newest model and reach 50 cities around the world, doubling our current footprint.

We also continue to strengthen the trust and relationships we’re establishing with cities around the world. In the past year alone, we’ve been awarded competitive permits in cities large and small, including Paris, New York, Seattle and Chicago. It’s a result of our strong track record of tailoring micromobility services to meet the unique needs of each city where we operate, with safety and reliability at the forefront.

Beyond providing service in more cities, we’ve also focused on how we can support communities during and after COVID-19, including offering free rides to frontline and essential workers and supporting local non-profits through our rider donation initiative, Lime Hero. We’ve also launched our Ride to Recovery program in the U.K., Tel Aviv, San Francisco, Seattle and more, which encourages our users to get vaccinated by offering them free rides to do so.

These steps showcase the real-world impact of our vision, the ability for our service to touch the lives of our riders, and our work alongside cities to embrace a carbon-free future for urban mobility. None of this would be possible without the commitment of our employees, the trust of our riders and the confidence from the cities and city officials that we partner with. Thank you for riding Lime!

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