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Lime Supports California Clean Air Day with Free Ride Unlocks

This week we supported the 4th Annual California Clean Air Day by offering two free unlocked rides to California residents and visitors who take the Clean Air Pledge. We are thrilled to announce that 950 people chose to do so! We’ve supported California Clean Air Day for the last three years, and this is the most people who have ever signed up to take the pledge via our platform. We are deeply grateful to our California riders from Sacramento to San Diego and everywhere in between, including San Francisco, Oakland, Emeryville, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Santa Barbara, San Jose, Tahoe, and West Sacramento.

California Clean Air Day is a project of the Coalition for Clean Air that asks everyone to do their part to reduce pollution and improve air quality in the Golden State. Sustainability is at the core of Lime's mission. At a time when the transportation industry leads the world in CO2 emissions, we are proud to be helping advance a future of carbon-free transportation and power our scooters with 100% renewable energy. We wanted to take this opportunity to encourage people to take the California Clean Air Day Pledge and commit to helping clear the air through actions big and small, like replacing a car trip with a scooter or bike ride.

“Our mission is to promote a sustainable future by helping create transportation networks that are shared, electric, and carbon-free. We are proud to support California Clean Air Day by offering discounts to anyone who took the Clean Air Pledge. Our riders reduce emissions every day by choosing to get around on our shared electric scooters or bikes instead of car rides, and we are always looking for creative ways to encourage long-term mode shift. We look forward to continuing our work with organizations like the Coalition for Clean Air to support our mission through our Lime Action initiative for years to come,” said Karla Owunwanne, Director of Government Relations at Lime.

Lime Action is Lime’s rider activism program launched in 2020. This program helps us build relationships with advocacy organizations at local or national levels by amplifying their messages and campaigns to our riders. It serves as both a community affairs tool and social impact program to organizations working on issues like sustainability, complete streets, and social justice.

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