Guidelines — Law Enforcement Authorities Outside US

Guidelines for Data Requests - (EU/APAC/MEA Region)

Effective: March 8, 2022

If you are a law enforcement officer located within Europe, APAC, or the Middle East and are authorized to gather evidence in connection with the investigation, detection or prevention of a crime, a traffic violation or an accident, you may submit a legal data request below:

LERT cta button

or via standard mail at the following address:

Lime Electric Ireland Limited

6th Floor, South Bank House

Barrow Street,

Dublin 4, D04 TR29, Ireland

_ *Please note: The response time will be longer in this case, at a minimum 15 days. _

Requirements for the Disclosure of Data

The request at a minimum should:

  • Be typed on an official government letterhead, and include the name of the issuing authority, badge/ID number (if applicable) of the responsible agent or officer, and an email address from a law-enforcement domain;
  • State the legal basis which requires us to provide the data;
  • Detail specifics on the alleged crime committed, the information sought and how this particular information may benefit the investigation. We will be unable to process overly broad or vague requests that do not identify the information sought with particularity.

Lime's Law Enforcement Response Team will carefully review, validate and only provide responsive records to law enforcement in accordance with applicable laws.

Emergency Requests:

Please submit an Emergency Request to the Lime Law Enforcement Response Team at [email protected] with the subject line of: "EMERGENCY DISCLOSURE REQUEST"

Once the emergency or exigency has passed, we will require law enforcement to follow up with the appropriate legal process or to obtain appropriate legal process for any additional disclosure. To facilitate our expedited review, law enforcement should provide as much detail about the incident or emergency as possible.