Lime celebrates Milan Pride 2023

One of Lime’s foundational values is to create a company where all people are safely connected, and everyone has access to sustainable and equitable transportation, regardless of age, background, income, or ability. Many of our colleagues vividly remember the fear growing up that being openly gay meant a life of rejection and discrimination. While considerable work remains to be done to end discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, we celebrate the hard-fought gains achieved in countries around the world and how many more kids today will grow up loved and accepted, unafraid to proudly be their full selves. This is the fuel that keeps us going in the pursuit of true equality.

This month we’re creating awareness of local groups like My Trans Wellness in LA, The Transgender District in San Francisco, Pride in London and more, every time they hop on a Lime vehicle. At the same time, we look forward to seeing our riders take pride in Milan, a city in constant evolution whose progress is only possible because generations of queer activists fought to demand a world where members of the LGBTQIA+ community can live with greater dignity, pride and without fear of discrimination.

That history, and the stories of pioneers who fought for equality, is why we celebrate Milan Pride in June.

With Lime, no matter who you are, you are welcome to ride with us.

The Lime Pride Map of Milan

Lime is focused on supporting historically underserved communities in creative and impactful ways. For this reason and to show everyone in the cities we serve that no matter who you are, you are welcome to ride with us. That is why, on the occasion of Milano Pride 2023, Lime is unveiling a map to invite users to get to know and discover the most significant places of Milan's LGBTQIA+ community. A real path that also aims to be a kind of open-air "historical archive," leading citizens to discover places, even well-known ones in the city, that play an important role in the history and stories of the LGBTQIA+ community.

STOP 1 - Antigione Bookshop

Via Antonio Kramer, 20

Libreria Antigone is a true landmark for the gay community in Milan. It was founded to spread LGBTIQIA+ and feminist culture, and periodically hosts books presentations, writing courses and events

STOP 2 - Scala Square

If Piazza Scala could speak, it would recount all the rallies and protests that Milan's (and other cities') LGBTIQIA+ community has ignited from here. It’s right in this square that, however just symbolic, the first gay marriage was celebrated on June 27, 1992: this moment shaped a whole era for the Community.

STOP 3 - Morigi’s House

Via Morigi no. 8

Casa Morigi is located just a few steps away from the Duomo and it is now a beautiful 15th-century building with a restaurant and hotel. However, this is a historical place for Milan's gay community. As a matter of fact, in 1976 boys and young men in need of a place where they could express their identity occupied this building. It was here that was born what for many is considered the first Italian gay movement.

STOP 4 - Via Street

Throughout the entire neighbourhood, there are clubs and bars that the Milanese and international LGBTQIA+ community hang out in daily. In June, the streets of Porta Venezia, and in particular Via Lecco and Largo Belllintani, host many events to celebrate Pride month. From the opening of the Mono to the LeccoMilano, via Lecco immediately became the point of reference for Milanese LGBTQIA+ nightlife, filling up year after year with bars and restaurants to spend the evening or have a drink with friends.

STOP 5 - Porta Venezia

Porta Venezia is today the best place to get to know Milan's LGBTQIA+ community up close. Welcoming you to the neighbourhood is the big rainbow flag on the metro platform, but it's just outside the metro that you'll find the centre of the nightlife. The bars in Via Lecco and surrounding streets are the perfect places to have a cocktail with friends, make new ones or attend book presentations and meetings on various community issues. The whole neighbourhood is very friendly and there are many local bars and businesses that wave the rainbow flag all year round.

STOP 6 - Plastic

Via Gargano, 15

For over 20 years Plastic has been a synonym for Saturday nights for all the people of Milan and beyond. Party on Wednesday evenings and Fridays too, but it's on Saturdays that Plastic reaches its peak during the 'Club Domani' night, with music by Andrea Ratti and Sergio Tavelli. The club attracts a very diverse audience, not necessarily LGBTQIA+, of celebrities, 'old Milan' nostalgics and those who live the night to the fullest.

STOP 7 - CIG Arcigay Milan

Via Bezzecca, 3

CIG Arcigay Milano is a volunteering organisation promoting services, activities, projects and spaces for meeting, struggle and growth since 1984. The CIG deals with hospitality, health, training, social life, culture and the Milano Pride. For more info or if you need listening and support, contact their helpline @prontocig.

STOP 8 - Piccolo Strehler Theatre

Largo Greppi, 1

Designed by Marco Zanuso and opened in 1998, the Piccolo Teatro Strehler hosts many important dance performances, concerts and film festivals. This is the venue for the MiX International Festival of LGBTQ+ Cinema and Queer Culture in Milan.

STOP 9 - Arch of Peace

Piazza Sempione

Milan's triumphal arch, located at the beginning of Corso Sempione, is where the Milano Pride parade ends every year and where the final event takes place, with concerts and speeches held by institutions and representatives of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Ready to Lime with Pride?

To ride with Pride this year, time to hop on a Lime and discover the LGBTQIA+ journey we planned for you. To help you celebrate Pride in Milan, get a 10% off your ride with the code PRIDEMILAN*.

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