Lime e‑bikes in Derby

Lime is the largest provider of shared electric vehicles in the world. We operate in more than 230 cities, in over 30 countries and deploy more than 200,000 e-bikes, e-scooters, and adaptive vehicles everyday. Since then, our riders have taken more than 300 million rides.

Lime has been a part of Derby since 2023 - saving a considerable amount of CO2 from the atmosphere. Every trip taken helps to avoid car journeys taken on our streets.

Thank you for choosing to #RideGreen in Derby and helping us to build a future where transportation is shared, affordable and carbon-free.

FAQs and rider tips

  • You can sign up to Lime by downloading our app from the Google Play or Apple stores. You can log in using Google, your phone number or email address. You will then be able to ride in hundreds of locations worldwide. Reminder, Lime is for those aged 18+.

  • We strongly advise you to always wear a helmet when riding, however, it’s not a requirement.

  • Use the map above to see our service zone. You can ride within this boundary, except pavements!

  • When parking, you must follow our parking rules. In Derby you must park in a parking bay - which can be found on our app. You can also find our parking guidelines below. Please park carefully and out of the way of others.

  • To find our parking pins on the go, open the Lime app and look at our live map. The pins are also in the image above.

  • To contact Lime, please email [email protected], phone 0800 808 5223 or visit our ‘Help’ section on our website.

    For partnership opportunities, please email [email protected]

Lime’s how to guide to great parking

Lime it. Park it. Check it!

When Liming in Derby you must leave your bike in designated parking bays, marked 🅿️ in our app.

Park the whole vehicle within the markings

Make sure the vehicle doesn’t block the road or pavement

✅ Ensure the vehicle is parked outwards, facing the road

✅ Ensure the bay is not overcrowded

Vehicles in Derby

Lime Access in Derby

Lime Access is our global equity programme that provides a 50% discount on rides for eligible residents as part of Lime’s core mission to provide sustainable transport for all.

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