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Lime Mopeds Arrive in Washington, DC

Today, Washington D.C. became the first city in the world to welcome Lime mopeds, also making it the first to offer all three Lime modes. Over the next few weeks there will be a total of 600 e-mopeds in the District. Now, with mopeds, bikes and scooters, D.C. riders can find a shared, electric Lime vehicle for any trip under five miles, meeting any need, preference or comfort level.

“This launch is a major step toward our goal of expanding access to affordable, carbon-free and shared transportation to more users around the world,” explains Wayne Ting, CEO of Lime. “As the first city to have all three Lime vehicle types, we’re excited to help Washington D.C. get moving again with safe, sustainable, and socially-distanced transportation. D.C. residents can now use Lime to make any trip, at any time, to get anywhere in the city.”

As cities begin to emerge from COVID-19, Lime aims to become the go-to transportation option for residents as they begin their ride to recovery - whether it's commuting to work, patronizing local businesses or spending the weekend rediscovering their city. With a suite of affordable, open-air and socially-distanced car-free options, we’re committed to providing a full-fledged transportation service, capable of drastically reducing car trips under five miles and severely cutting down on car traffic, For example, in Washington D.C. residents spent an average of nearly 30 hours in traffic last year, with numbers far higher in many other major cities.

With the introduction of a new vehicle, we want to ensure that our riders are equipped with the knowledge to safely operate it. A key differentiator for us with this launch is a component dedicated to a comprehensive approach to safety, which begins before a rider can even start a moped trip. It includes:

  • A Moped Riding 101 tutorial video, a step-by-step guide on how to safely ride the vehicle.
  • An AI-enabled live likeness test capable of determining whether the license submitted is actually the rider shown.

  • A mandatory helmet selfie check to confirm whether a rider is wearing a helmet before they start their ride as well as an in-trip look at their ride in progress.

  • A series of sensors to identify if a rider has removed the helmet from the case for use - a first-of-its-kind technology for shared e-mopeds, which we also designed in-house.
  • A multi-chapter rider safety training (developed in consultation with Motorcycle Safety Foundation) and any accompanying test that must be completed before renters can begin their rides.
  • Step-by-step guide on how to park the moped at the end of their trip.

By serving more trip types, vehicle preferences and distances, all with sustainable light electric vehicles, we continue to demonstrate that Lime is the ideal partner for cities aiming to reduce congestion and car use as they get moving again.

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