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Lime expands Ride to Recovery” initiative globally to support vaccination effort in cities across the world

As countries around the world undertake one of the largest vaccination efforts in history, Lime is stepping up to help. We’re excited to launch a new campaign to help cities recover from COVID-19 and get moving again. Our Ride to Recovery initiative will help reduce transportation barriers to getting vaccinated, and help cities distribute information around vaccine availability.

“Cities can’t get moving again until their residents are healthy and safe from COVID-19,” said Wayne Ting, CEO of Lime. “At Lime, we’re eager to do our part to support the historic vaccination effort taking place in cities around the world, whether through free rides to get vaccinated, or sharing useful information about availability through our various channels. We’re ready to do all we can to help cities get on the ride to recovery.”

Lime has already piloted our Ride to Recovery initiative in a handful of cities to start, including Tel Aviv and London, and will expand to more cities throughout the year as vaccines become available more broadly. Throughout the year, we’ll partner with local organizations to help get the word out about free rides, as well as general information to encourage residents to get vaccinated.

Additionally, we’re partnering with e-cargo bike company PedalMe in London to help residents that don’t have access to a car get to their vaccine appointments safely and sustainably. More than 40% of London households don’t have direct access to a car, so we’re working together to be sure London’s vaccination centers are easy to reach for everyone, including those who might have concerns about using public transport at this time as well.

"[The] Ride to Recovery initiative demonstrates the critical role e-bikes services can play in keeping people, and cargo, moving in cities,” said Ben Knowles, CEO and Co-Founder at Pedal Me in London. “We’re excited to be offering this free service in partnership with Lime to help Londoners access vaccinations safely, conveniently and sustainably - helping the Capital to recover as we move through the pandemic."

In addition to providing free rides for those traveling to get vaccinated, Lime will also shift its operations in its Ride to Recovery cities to deploy bikes and scooters near vaccination sites. This ensures they are readily available to those traveling to and from their vaccine appointments.

As part of the Ride to Recovery initiative, Lime will also use its platform to share approved public health information on COVID-19 vaccines, using email and in-app messages, to help encourage our riders to do their part in helping cities get moving again and get vaccinated.

As cities expand vaccine availability to broader sections of their population, Lime will partner with community organizations and public health providers to get the word out. In Chicago, Lime is already preparing for outreach alongside My Block, My Hood, My City, an organization serving young people in Chicago’s South Side neighborhoods, and will offer free rides to community members once scooters return to the city.

Just as in many major cities around the world, a significant number of Chicagoans don’t own or have access to a car, making it even more difficult to get around during COVID,” said Jahmal Cole, Founder and CEO of MBMHMC in Chicago. “Micromobility provided a lifeline to hundreds of thousands of Chicago residents this past year and underscored the importance of affordable, socially-distanced transportation options for essential workers and those making vital errands, especially in transit deserts. We’re glad that Lime is again putting communities first via the Ride to Recovery education initiative. Chicago and cities around the world depend on healthy residents and this is an important step to defeating COVID once and for all."

The Ride to Recovery initiative builds on our Lime Aid program, which continues to offer free rides to healthcare professionals, first responders and other essential workers that play a pivotal role in guiding cities safely through the pandemic. To date, Lime has provided nearly 650,000 rides around the world as part of the Lime Aid program.

Lime’s socially-distant, open-air transportation options continue to serve as the ideal way to get around cities during the pandemic, as they help to avoid traveling in confined spaces with others.

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