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Lime has been proud to serve Australia and New Zealand since 2018. During these challenging times for residents, cities, and local businesses, Lime is grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to providing an affordable, reliable, socially distant, and equitable transport mode. Learn about the steps we’re taking to help our riders in Australia and New Zealand stay safe during COVID-19.

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Lime’s Service to Australia & New Zealand

Lime is the longest-serving micro-mobility company in Australia and New Zealand, with broad experience operating across many of the region’s most prominent cities.

We have operated e-bikes in Sydney for more than two years and provided more than one million trips. In late 2020, we started our e-bike service in Gold Coast and Melbourne, working across Gold Coast, Yarra, Port Phillip, and City of Melbourne Councils where we have provided more than 100,000 trips since December 2020.

We currently operate 3,500 e-scooters and 3,000 e-bikes across Australia and New Zealand. To date, over 12 million trips have travelled more than 18 million kilometres on our shared e-scooters and e-bikes across the region.

Lime E-Scooter

  • Bluetooth integrated helmet on every e-scooter (Australia only).
  • On-board geofence maps for quick implementation of geofenced zones.
  • Larger frame, spring shock absorbers, and large, puncture resistant tyres to support stability, even when riding on rough or uneven surfaces.
  • Real-time Accident Detection and Response (RADAR) to automatically detect potential safety incidents in real-time (Australia only).
  • Adjustable maximum speed, the ability to limit speed in slow-speed zones, and a “training mode” for new riders who may not feel comfortable traveling at full speed yet.
  • Self-diagnosing with sensors running health checks and reporting any errors to the operations team.
  • Speedometer, battery charge indicators, and bell on the ergonomic handlebar and display.
  • High visibility paint scheme, lights on the front (white) and rear (red) that are illuminated for the entire trip, and reflectors on both sides of the vehicle visible from 200m.
  • Tip detection to alert our team if an e-scooter is on its side.

Anti-tampering features including internal wiring to prevent vandalism and security screws that require special tools to be removed.

Lime E-Bike

  • Helmet on every e-bike (Australia only).
  • Electric pedal assist to power long rides or uphill climbs, expanding the demographics of people who can use our e-bikes with ease.
  • Dual braking with front and rear drum brakes.
  • Swappable, long-lasting battery with up to a 40km range.
  • Puncture resistant tyres to enhance performance on tough city road conditions.
  • Geofencing to manage rider behaviour through geofenced zones in real time.
  • Adjustable speed which ceases the electronic pedal assist in low speed geofenced areas.
  • Built-in, retractable smartphone mount for route guidance with navigation apps like Google Maps.
  • Speedometer, battery charge indicators, and bell.
  • Multiple gearing options to match pedal cadence to road speed.
  • High visibility fluorescent paint, white and red LED lights visible from more than 200m, reflectors, and auto-reflective logos on both sides and on the front basket, helping to make the e-bike more visible at night.

Anti-tampering features including internalised wiring and the rear wheel remains locked and prevents the e-bike from being ridden away even if the cable lock is cut.

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How We Partner With Cities

  • Lime’s success can be attributed to its ability to tailor its service to each individual city where it operates. We maintain strong relationships with every municipality and local government area in which we operate, and work collaboratively to safely manage our e-scooter and e-bike services. We provide cutting-edge technology, operational excellence, infrastructure investment, and engage with local communities to improve community awareness and public confidence in e-mobility, especially for people with disabilities and other vulnerable road users, such as pedestrians.

    Through partnership and collaboration with municipalities and local government areas, Lime strives to provide quality, equitable, and reliable service for riders and non-riders alike. Lime team-members incorporate feedback from elected officials, community leaders, neighbours, and its riders into the service they provide, with the understanding that it’s locals on the ground who know their cities best.

  • Safety is integral to Lime’s work, permeating its hardware, software, operations, neighbourhood programming, partnerships with cities and LGAs, and advocacy efforts. Lime’s dedicated Trust and Safety team focuses exclusively on providing the safest service possible—helping to inform upgrades to Lime’s vehicles and, developing rider education materials and training—all with the goal of ensuring that every rider completes their trip safely. Learn more about Lime’s approach to safety.

  • Lime uses the latest technology to create accurate, rapid implementation geofenced zones to limit speed, designate parking areas, and limit service areas. Our cutting-edge technology allows our e-scooters to react and implement geofence zone commands within one second. Traditionally, geofenced zones are housed on a cloud server, which e-scooters have to connect to via the cellular network in order to enforce a zone. This process can lead to slower response times. At Lime, all local zone mapping data is installed directly on each e-scooter, removing the need to rely on the cellular network to enforce a geofence, and leading to rapid reaction and implementation.

  • Lime believes that when cities leverage mobility data, everyone wins. Safer roads, less congestion, and a reduced carbon footprint are just some of the goals we're partnering with cities to solve. Lime is committed to partnering with cities by providing anonymised data collected from rides across communities, enabling cities to better understand traffic patterns, rider behaviour, and plan infrastructure. On top of this, we’re helping communities tackle their most pressing challenges and realise the benefits of alternative, affordable modes of transport. Through our partnerships with cities around the globe, we regularly share data while protecting user privacy, successfully integrate our multi-modal options into existing transport networks, and enhance ecosystems with valuable insights and analyses.

  • Lime is committed to supporting the local communities we operate in. We partner with local businesses with a goal of improving transport access to their businesses and supporting shopping locally. We engage with local businesses in central business districts and promote the benefits micro-mobility can bring such as increased spending and community vibrancy. We promote these businesses in the app and offer discounts to riders who visit. We also provide Lime discounts to attend local events, community markets, art exhibitions, and festivals.

  • Lime is a willing partner when it comes to supporting the community and events taking place in the city. Lime has established a Lime Hero partnership with Orange Sky Australia, an organisation that provides services to homeless Australians. Riders can donate to this local nonprofit with every ride through our Lime Hero program.

  • Sustainability is core to our mission, and providing shared emissions-free transport is essential to achieving a carbon free future. Our sustainability commitment starts with our vehicles. Lime’s fleet is powered by 100 percent renewable energy and has an anticipated life span of over 5 years. Our batteries have a lifespan of up to three years or 500+ cycle charges. Our battery management system helps us maximise battery lifespan and reduce waste. For our tyres, Lime is the only shared mobility company that is committed to the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber requirements for a rubber supply chain that protects forest ecology and human rights. As a company, Lime has set a science-based target following the Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) aligned with the Paris Accord’s goal of limiting warming to 1.5C. Lime partners with the WWF, the global leader in conservation and climate advocacy, to help advance our mission of creating pollution-free urban mobility and more livable cities. Learn more about our sustainability commitments.

  • Key to partnering with cities is tailoring optimal e-bike and e-scooter parking solutions that avoid obtrusive and hazardous situations. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach, Lime offers flexibility ranging from free-floating parking, to corralled parking, and more, all matched with extensive rider education and training to eliminate friction. The result is a service that helps cities in achieving their goals for sustainable transportation options at no public cost.

Micro-mobility FAQs | Australia

  • Through innovation, testing, hardware development, and experienced partners, Lime provides industry-leading e-bikes, e-scooters, and e-mopeds aimed at delivering a safe, smooth, and reliable ride. Lime’s proprietary hardware is designed in-house and is informed by its Lime’s deep experience operating in the widest range of climates, topographies, regulatory regimes, road conditions, and urban environments. Our Gen 4 Integrated e-scooter is built to tackle urban terrain.

  • At Lime, we pride ourselves on providing affordable, reliable, , and equitable transportation mode. Have feedback for how we can better serve you? We’d love to hear from you. Submit your feedback through our Help Center.

  • If you live in Australia, we’ve got you. We’ve partnered with leaders in safety to help bring you high quality, innovative safety gear. Get 25% off of a Reid helmet using the code “LIMEHELMET”.

  • Find out more about our rider insurance.

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