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Lime Launches Mopeds in New York City with Focus on Safety and Equity

Lime e-mopeds have arrived in the Big Apple!

With a limited fleet launching today in New York City, we’re focused on helping New Yorkers get moving again safely, sustainably and affordably in preparation for the Summer of New York City!

As part of this launch, we’re also introducing our first-of-their-kind safety measures that set a new industry standard for shared mopeds, including an AI-enabled drivers license verification and liveness test, helmet-case sensor technology, and a leading rider education curriculum, designed in consultation with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation.

“The pandemic has pushed New Yorkers to look for new ways to get around that are safe, sustainable and car-free, which makes us so excited to launch two new electric micromobility options here in the next few months,” said Lime CEO Wayne Ting. “Lime’s mission is to support a future for transportation that is shared, affordable and carbon-free, which is why we’re focused on building a platform with an electric vehicle to serve trip under five miles, all available on the Lime app.”

E-mopeds can serve a vital role in expanding access to affordable, safe, and carbon-free public transportation to more New Yorkers. Now, as New York emerges from a difficult year, we’re eager to support an economic comeback driven not by cars, but by sustainable options that reduce congestion, allow for open-air, socially-distanced travel and complement the city's subways and buses. We look forward to working collaboratively with the NYC DOT, forging meaningful partnerships in communities across the city and earning the trust of all New Yorkers.”

The moped launch follows Lime’s selection by the New York City Department of Transportation to launch 1,000 electric scooters in the East Bronx by early summer as part of the City’s e-scooter share pilot program, and furthers our partnership with NYC DOT. We know our collaborative approach with cities and policy makers helps build trust in local communities and we are fully committed to operating mopeds safely and responsibly.

As part of the launch, we’re planning to hold regular safe riding training sessions and events and will continue working with NYC DOT post-launch to encourage safe and responsible riding. Focused on equity and sustainable transportation access for all, we’re also offering discounts to frontline workers and New Yorkers eligible for state, local, and/or federal aid through Lime Access and Lime Aid.

Lime has already started a local hiring push to staff its operations teams for e-mopeds, and for e-scooters once the Bronx pilot program begins. Lime anticipates hiring more than 50 New Yorkers in the coming weeks in partnership with the Center for Employment Opportunities, with a particular focus on the formerly incarcerated and NYCHA residents.

“The Center for Employment Opportunities (CEO) congratulates Lime on the launch of their new e-moped program in New York City,” said Mary Bedeau, CEO’s New York City’s Deputy Executive Director. “CEO is proud to continue collaborating with Lime to provide job opportunities to individuals with past justice involvement and eco-friendly transportation alternatives for all New Yorkers.”

In addition to an overarching focus on safety, our New York City moped share system will be built on the pillars of equity, sustainability, and accountability. We’ll launch our Lime Access program to provide discounted pricing to Pell Grant recipients, job seekers, NYCHA residents, and recipients of federal, state, or local subsidy programs and our moped sharing service will help New York City achieve its citywide carbon reduction and neutrality goals through PlaNYC 2030. We’ll also hold ourselves accountable to our goals regarding equity and sustainability, constantly evaluating data and working with NYC DOT to continually improve its services in New York.

“With the city’s full reopening in sight, there’s going to be a surge of demand for everything New York has to offer. Micromobility is playing a significant role in our recovery by helping people travel more efficiently and spreading economic activity to more neighborhoods,” said Julie Samuels, Executive Director of Tech:NYC. “Lime’s moped expansion gives New Yorkers yet another smart and exciting option to reconnect with friends and loved ones across the city.”

Our industry leading dedication to safety begins before a rider can even start a moped trip. We’ve developed an artificial intelligence-enabled live likeness test capable of determining whether the driver’s license submitted is actually the rider shown. Additionally, the technology can confirm whether a rider is wearing a helmet before they start their ride via a mandatory “helmet selfie” check. We’re also testing first-of-its-kind technology for shared e-mopeds, designed in-house: a series of sensors to identify if a rider has removed the helmet from the case for use, to add a third check on whether they’re wearing a helmet before riding.

Also unique to Lime is an engagement with the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), an internationally-recognized developer of comprehensive, research-based rider education. We consulted MSF in designing an introductory safety training video, and a test that must be completed before renters can begin their rides. We’ll also provide a practice guide with MSF-designed exercises that riders can use on their own to refine their riding skills and prepare themselves for various traffic situations. The guide provides step-by-step directions and tips on critical skills such as turning, quick stops and lane changes.

“As micromobility offerings diversify and expand, MSF wants to be part of the solution for municipalities and companies like Lime,” said Erik Pritchard, President and CEO of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. “This safety module is a good first step to becoming a responsible, lifelong rider.”

“We believe a successful program must be designed from the ground up with a focus on safe riding. We have done everything possible to provide our riders with the safety training and resources to allow them to operate our e-mopeds responsibly,” said Jesse Murray, Head of Trust and Safety at Lime. “We will continue to work directly with industry experts and with the cities we serve to constantly improve our program to make it as safe as possible for riders and non-riders alike.”

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