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Lime Rolls Out Vehicle Recommendations and Free Ten Minute Reservations, Aimed at Improving User Experience

We’re customer-obsessed at Lime, which means a strong focus on making the rider experience as seamless as possible. We want to make accessing our vehicles the easiest thing our riders will do during the day, as it helps form a car-free habit. The easier we can make it for riders to quickly find a Lime and start a ride, the more likely they’ll be to opt for a bike or scooter instead of a taxi or their personal car.

We recently unveiled three new features aimed at delighting users and improving their experience - vehicle recommendations, free 10 minute reservations, & a configurable display theme.

These features are a response to rider feedback and underscore Lime’s customer-obsessed approach in making micromobility as easy as possible for everyone.

Free 10 Minute Reservations

To help riders secure their vehicle of choice and alleviate any anxiety about a vehicle getting taken by another rider, especially during peak hours, riders now get 10 free mins of reservations for any vehicle in any market. It also eliminates the mental math for riders when estimating ride costs. In busy cities like London, Berlin, & San Francisco, we’re seeing more than 35% of trips start via reservations, a 10x increase from when reservations were paid.

Vehicle Recommendations

When a rider opens the Lime app, they’re instantly recommended the nearest vehicle with the best range. Combined with the free reservation feature, this helps riders secure their vehicle in less than 5 seconds. In the first few weeks of launch, major cities including London, Copenhagen and Sydney have seen more than 20% of trips start on recommended vehicles.

Dark & Light Mode Map

Riders can customize how their Lime app looks by switching between a light and dark mode for the app. Light mode works great during the day and ensures riders are able to clearly find and navigate to their vehicle, while dark mode works best in the evenings and low light conditions to help ease the strain on the eyes while conserving battery. Riders can choose between the themes by visiting their Lime Settings page and tapping on Display Theme.

As cities around the world move closer to fully reopening, residents will be looking for safe, socially-distant modes of transportation to get around. Lime’s goal is to make the experience of renting a vehicle as seamless as using your very own.

A big congrats to the team members who developed these features including Aaron Nojima, Marvin Zhan, Corey Johnson, Elman Chao (all from rider engineering) & Matt Moore from UX

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