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Introducing Lend Me a Lime

Every ride you take with Lime does good, for you, your city and your planet. But some rides do better. That’s why we’re introducing Lend Me a Lime.Lend Me a Lime is for people driven by the power to do better, who might need a little e-assist along the way. It’s for that friend planning a charity bike ride who hasn’t quite planned the bike part, or the volunteer who might be able to scoot to the soup kitchen rather than take two buses. Lime cares about these causes, and if you ride with us, we know you do too. Lend me a Lime will allow us to support the good work our riders, and wider communities are doing every day, by lending our vehicles, time and operational resources to the rides that matter most.With 250 million rides delivered globally to date, where should we start? By Lending a Lime to the cause that impacts us all.

The climate crisis threatens everyone, and it is vital that we take immediate action to address it, working to fight back against issues like air pollution and congestion in our cities.This week, one small group of pediatric healthcare providers are doing just that. The #RideForTheirLives team is cycling from London’s famous Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children to Glasgow to raise awareness of the health impacts of air pollution on young children at COP26.

Lend a lime_1 Lime is proud to be supporting this campaign as our inaugural Lend Me a Lime cause, donating e-bikes and an electric van to help power the team all the way to Glasgow. We’re just a small part of their journey, but we’re behind them with every push of the pedal. Planning something similar? Or completely different? Lend Me a Lime helps good people do great things for important causes. Get in touch today via [email protected] if you have something we, or one of our vehicles might be able to help with.Keep riding - and doing good.

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