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Lime’s New Gen 3 Electric Scooter Is About To Transform Micro Mobility

There’s a reason the new Lime-S is poised to change micro mobility as we know it; but it’s probably not what you think.

For starters, the upgraded 10” diameter wheels improve stability by increasing the scooter’s grip on the road. In fact, combined with a mountain bike-inspired front suspension system and multimodal braking, the Lime-S Gen 3 offers the safest, most comfortable shared scooter ride available anywhere.

Then there's the improved battery efficiency and aluminum frame. Both features work together to ramp up Lime-S' eco-friendliness: the former by helping it travel 20% farther on every charge and the latter by prolonging its lifecycle up to six months when compared to traditional shared scooters.

Even the less visible additions like a Linux-powered tip detection system, unexposed cabling and IP67 waterproofing play a vital role in improving the scooter’s overall performance and durability.

Amid all of these upgrades, however, the most revolutionary feature on the custom-designed Lime-S Gen 3 may very well be located front and center on its 2.8” color display dashboard.lime-s-gen-3-micro-mobility-6Aside from practical information like speed and remaining battery life (which will now be visible even before unlocking the scooter, thanks to a glowing LED indicator), this new digital screen will allow Lime to better communicate issues that are most important to the entire community.

These include:

  1. Informing riders when they’ve entered a no-parking zone
  2. Detecting and alerting riders when they’re riding on the sidewalk
  3. Warning riders if their scooters are improperly parked

The team at Lime is working to develop these technologies in an ongoing effort to improve the micro mobility experience not only for our millions of riders, but for every member of the community.lime-s-gen-3-micro-mobility-1In fact, the only thing that won’t be getting an upgrade on the Lime-S Gen 3 is the price. Rest assured that as the scooters make their debut in select markets starting in November, riders will still only be paying $1 to unlock and $0.15/minute to ride.

You can learn more about Lime’s electric scooters here, or visit our locations page to vote to bring the new Lime-S Gen 3 to your city. And don’t forget to subscribe to our blog and newsletter to stay up to date on the most relevant news in the world of urban micro mobility.lime-s-gen-3-micro-mobility-3

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