Lime Wants You To Break Up With Cars

Ever been in a relationship that was so toxic it hurt? If you’re a car owner, you may know the feeling. The mountains of money spent on gas and maintenance; hours of time lost spent stuck in traffic or looking for parking; not to mention the actual toxic fumes that they release.

That’s why we’re so excited to launch our ‘Break Up With Cars' campaign today. We’re encouraging people to examine their toxic relationship with cars and ultimately leave behind all the baggage they come with. Interested folks can pledge to leave their cars for up to the full month, to see other more sustainable vehicles. Taking the pledge makes you eligible for some great rewards, like a month of LimePrime, or some awesome Break Up With Cars campaign swag.

The fact is, to make real progress against climate change, we must reduce driving. Transportation is one of the biggest sources of carbon pollution (producing 20% of global carbon emissions) and simply going from gas to electric will not completely solve this issue. We just need to break up with cars.

If you’re interested in participating, feel free to share the break-up letter below with all the cars in your life. You can also take the pledge here.


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