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Lime Helps Cascade Bicycle Club Set New E-Bike World Record

Sep 21, 2018 12:07:15 PM / by John Wachunas

It would seem the Netherlands has some catching up to do.

On September 15th, Lime and Rad Power Bikes teamed up to help Cascade Bicycle Club set a new e-bike world record.

The event, which hosted 405 electric bike riders from around the region, officially brought the title home from Europe to Seattle, WA. It also helped cement a strong community-focused relationship between Lime and the Emerald City that has been developing for over a year.

“Lime was instrumental in getting us to the big number,” said Brent Tongco, senior comms director at Cascade Bicycle Club. “They provided 150 Lime-E bikes at the event for people wanting to join the record-breaking ride.”


Riders from across Seattle, some with pets in tow, easily surpassed the former Dutch world record of 272 electric bicyclists in a single ride. According to Tongco, the outing was organized as a “celebration of the growing e-bike market” becoming more and more integrated into the broader cycling community.

With over 15,000 members, the Seattle-based Cascade is the largest statewide bicycle organization in the country.

Check out Rad Power Bikes’ video of the event below, and don’t forget to download the Lime app to take an unforgettable Lime-E ride of your own.