JUMP Bikes Ride Again!

Photo: Cody Engel

We’re thrilled to announce that starting today, Lime will begin returning JUMP’s beloved bikes to Denver. It’s an exciting milestone in Lime’s journey as we build on our multi-modal roots. We see Denver as an ideal choice to be the first city to relaunch JUMP bikes since our recent acquisition, thanks to its forward-thinking approach to micromobility.

From our founding, Lime has embraced options for our riders. The relaunch of JUMP and our recent fundraising reinforces our commitment to operating a multimodal service, with the resources to become the first financially-sustainable micromobility provider.

Now more than ever, local policy-makers are turning to micromobility to help their communities re-emerge from the COVID crisis healthier, cleaner and more livable. They see value in open-air, socially-distanced options as a way to dissuade residents from retreating to cars for commutes local trips. With early signs of traffic congestion returning and bike shops selling out of inventory, we’re ready to lend a helping hand in our joint goal of keeping riders safe and roads clear.

In Denver, we’re taking this support a step further. The addition of JUMP bikes to our fleet will allow us to better serve neighborhoods where transportation options are needed most. Our initial rollout will focus on Denver neighborhoods where residents have limited access to grocery stores (distances greater than 1 mile), including Globeville, Sun Valley and West Colfax.

Denver -Data-Lime

With the local transit agency, RTD, running at capacity, JUMP bikes can help fill a need for residents making essential short and medium-length trips. The electric-power can help riders travel longer distances that might be less convenient on a scooter, further emphasizing the value of a multi-modal fleet. To further that assistance, we are also reducing the fare of JUMP’s bikes in Denver to $1.00 for up to 30 minutes. We want JUMP bikes to be fully-accessible as a low-cost alternative to a car trip or ride-share. JUMP bikes will be available via the Uber app to start, but will ultimately integrate into the Lime app in the coming months.

Together, these steps can be transformative in addressing immediate mobility needs during a difficult time. To visualize the powerful impact micromobilty can have in residents' lives, the chart below compares the costs of mobility options for Denver residents using Jump bikes and Lime scooters for everyday needs:


As we relaunch JUMP bikes in more cities around the world over the coming weeks and months, we do so with the deep understanding of their value during these challenging times. Not only does introducing JUMP to our riders increase our reliability, it also means we can continue working with cities to reduce traffic congestion, improve air quality, promote affordable transportation options, and support last-mile access to public transportation. We’re excited to deepen these commitments and be a critical part of the transportation ecosystem going forward.

The post-COVID world demands a lot of the micromobility industry, and we’re more prepared than ever to step up in this time of need.


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