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Charlotte's Lime-S Electric Scooters Come With Unexpected Benefits

Jul 25, 2018 6:24:53 AM / by John Wachunas

Meet Justin Caskey.

He’s your average two-time cancer survivor and amputee, provided those descriptors conjure up the image of a man zipping through Charlotte, North Carolina on an electric scooter, crutches crisscrossing à la Deadpool behind his back.

When he’s not coordinating shipments as a logistics broker, Justin has a penchant for exploring the Queen City he’s called home for the past five years.

“Because I’m an amputee, I’m always looking for cool new ways to get out and around,” he wrote to Lime recently. “When I saw the Lime scooters, I knew I had to give them a try.”


Whether it’s meeting friends at a park or cruising to a dinner date with his girlfriend Samm, Lime-S has become an integral part of Justin’s transportation routine. It allows him to access the city more intimately than sitting in a vehicle, and accommodates his unique mobility needs far better than a bicycle. 

It also happens to be a great way to avoid the hassle of parking, since, as Justin says, “spots in Uptown can be scarce.”

This type of transportation improvement -- at the individual level -- is at the heart of Lime’s mission. It’s why we hire locally, ensuring that those who know the city best are the ones handling our operations.

It’s also why we take such pride in sharing stories like Justin’s.

Mobility means something different to each of us, and the freedom to transport ourselves cleanly, affordably and efficiently plays a critical role in how we engage with one another and connect as a community.

“Lime scooters and bikes have really gotten people out and more active,” Justin continued. “You can see groups of friends and families all out riding places and having fun along the way to their destination, which is different than just driving a car everywhere.”

And the numbers back him up. According to our recently released One Year Report, 1 in 5 Lime riders use our multimodal fleet to go shopping, out to eat or to participate in some other social activity.

Wherever you’re choosing to ride your Lime these days, we’d love to hear and possibly feature your story alongside Justin’s on our Lime blog. Send us a note at stories@limebike.com and let’s connect.