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The Pulse of

10+ Million Rides

What is the heartbeat of a city in motion?

What does it look and feel like? How can we strengthen it? At Lime, these questions have inspired us to create a system of shared scooters and bikes designed to move riders seamlessly across cities and communities around the world.

Time-lapse of Lime-S electric scooter rides in Santa Monica, CA

There is vitality in movement.

Since last June, you’ve given life to our vision by taking over 10+ million Lime rides throughout the US and Europe.

Your engagement has revolutionized the way we look at city streets, challenging a longstanding dependence on cars for short-distance travel and helping the pulse of cities to beat with even more ardour and intensity.

Along the way, you’ve enabled us expand to over 100 markets worldwide -- with many more to come!

Time-lapse of Lime-S electric scooter rides in Paris, France

As we move forward, we promise to continue listening, collaborating and innovating; whether it’s through our Lime-S Juicer program that has earned millions of dollars for our Juicer community in just seven months or our Lime Hero donation program that helps riders give back to local nonprofit organizations.

  • 1.5B+calories burned
    (on bikes + e-bikes)
  • 645Klaps around
    the Earth
  • 27%of rides connect to or from public transit

Thank you for your trust, your support and the passion you bring every day to the smart mobility movement. Together we’re solving the problems posed by the first and last mile, and improving access to healthier, more affordable transportation around the world.

Active Lime markets in the continental US

To celebrate this milestone, we’re excited to offer $1 off of your next 10 Lime rides through 10/1 using code THANKYOU10.

Here’s to the next 10 million rides and beyond!